Headphones for Sleeping

Simply the best and most comfortable headphones ever designed for sleeping

You can buy our late-prototype headsets at a discounted price right now.


The production models will be available in 2021.

Can’t sleep because of a loudly snoring partner? You are not alone. We have a solution for you.

The Headphones

Headphones specially designed for sleeping

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The Story about the train and helping people to sleep since the 1990s


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Answers to your questions

  • Specifically designed to make it possible to sleep in a noisy place, like next to a loud snorer.
  • Designed from scratch, a complete rethink of headphones for sleeping.
  • Effective at helping you get some sleep even next to a loud snorer, road noise or a barking dog that is driving you crazy.
  • Headphones combined with earphones and earplugs.

DEEPsound’s flagship product is our Bluetooth enabled HEADPHONES FOR SLEEPING which are headphones and earphones combined with custom-fitted earplugs. Playing soothing ambient noise to mask intrusive “bad” sound and replace it with soothing pleasant sound.

Do you sleep next to someone who is a loud snorer? No problem, now you can get some sleep!


Unlike conventional headphones or earphones,  with our headphones you can roll over and sleep on your side and they will still be comfortable and stay in place.

Sleep at Last

Those desperate nights that leave you exhausted are over.

Save your partner’s life

Can’t sleep because of a snoring partner? Don’t murder them, get some of our special headphones instead. Save a life and get some sleep!

Hand Made in Britain

Our headphones are not mass produced in China, they are made by hand in England.

Our HEADPHONES FOR SLEEPING are shipped all over the world from Winchester in England.

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