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DEEPsound came out of an unusual experience I had travelling on a night train with some incredibly loud snorers. It was impossible to sleep when the train was stationary, but when the train was moving, the white noise from the wheels on the tracks made it possible to sleep, even though the snorers were snoring very loudly indeed.

I happened to know about sleep deprivation and snoring because about 15 years ago I designed two products that stop people snoring (custom-fitted mouthpieces). And in so doing, my company helped tens of thousands of people.

I spoke to more than a thousand people whose lives were blighted by snoring and, believe me, I heard some harrowing stories … sleepless nights, marriage breakdown, the end of intimacy, even physical violence.

And so it was clear to me that having a snoring partner can be a terrible thing. And that people desperately wanted something they could use to help them sleep next to their snoring partner.

If this is true for you, you are not alone and we have a solution for you.

After my experience on the train, I became very focussed on designing something from scratch to replicate what I experienced and our HEADPHONES FOR SLEEPING are the result of that work.

It took well over 100 design iterations to create something simple, lightweight, soft and flexible that is comfortable to wear while sleeping, even on a hot night and, most importantly, that works. 


DEEPsound is based in Winchester in England, but we despatch our headphones all over the world (with a few exceptions).

If you want to buy a pair of our customised audio gear for listening to music or performing on stage, please visit our In Ear Monitors site DEEPsoundIEMs.com

If you have any questions, please email us.

Best regards

John Bradley, designer and founder of DEEPsound Technology.

July 2020.

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