Our Special Headphones

We make specially-made headphones and earphones that help you sleep.

Bluetooth Headphones

If you can’t sleep because of a loudly snoring partner, or street noise, noisy neighbours or a barking dog, then we recommend our specially-made headphones with custom-fitted earphones.

Choose between custom-fitted earphones or conventional speakers (with separate custom-fitted earplugs for sleeping).

They are simply the best and most comfortable headphones for sleeping ever designed.

They have a 10 hour playtime, more than enough to get you through the night.

A note about the custom-fitted earphones:

The custom-fitted earphones block “bad” sound and replace it with soothing sound.

A note about built-in speakers:

Our headphones with built-in speakers are like normal headphones, which means you don’t need to put the earphones in your ears to hear your favourite audio. If you want to deal with loud noise from, for example, a snorer, then we recommend choosing the custom-fitted earphone option.


BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES with normal headphone speakers

These are our Bluetooth-enabled super-soft and comfortable headphones with built-in speakers. They also come with custom-fitted earplugs.

“These are ideal if you want something that is closer to a conventional headphone (with sound coming from speakers rather than earphones) and separate earplugs that you can choose to use or not. In terms of blocking loud snoring and other intrusive noise, they are not as effective our headphones with custom-fitted earphones”. 

Custom-fitted earplugs for blocking sound. These are more effective when they have earphones embedded in them.


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